Supporting Financial Performance Measurement in the Off-Grid Solar Industry

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Supporting Financial Performance Measurement in the Off-Grid Solar Industry

The World Bank Group's Lighting Global Program and GOGLA have been working to enhance data use and harmonization of metrics for financial performance measurement for off-grid energy companies. The objectives of the work are to enable companies to improve their operations, optimize their business models, and facilitate finance into the sector. The work has been ongoing since 2016 and owes substantial credit to contributions from investors, companies, and development partners provided through stakeholder consultations and engagement with GOGLA membership.

Learn more about the PAYGo PERFORM Initiative.

Key Materials

  • Introducing PAYGo PERFORM - Webinar (13 December 2018)
    In this webinar, you can learn more about the PAYGo PERFORM initiative, a collaborative effort between The World Bank's Group Lighting Global program, CGAP and GOGLA on PAYGo performance reporting and measurement.
  • KPI Framework - Technical Guide. V. 1.0 January 2018
    The first edition of the key performance indicator framework is now available for companies and investors to test. The KPI Technical Guide outlines the definitions of selected key performance indicators that can be utilized by companies to track their performance. The Technical Guide provides information on how to calculate the selected key performance indicators and provides context for their inclusion in the KPI framework. GOGLA invites feedback on the KPIs and will be conducting a formal review process in 2018. For more information, please contact
  • Taxonomy Overview
    The Taxonomy provides a standardized way of qualitatively categorizing different business models being used by offgrid energy companies. The Taxonomy outlines key elements of business model choice as well as typical or common approaches that difference companies use within each element of the business model. The Taxonomy serves as a complement to the KPI Framework.
  • Data Playbook for the Off-Grid Pay-As-You-Go Sector
    The Data Playbook illustrates how data is currently being collected and utilized by companies to improve their operations and optimize their business models. It provides examples of how data and data science techniques can be applied to improved business operations. The Data Playbook is designed to serve as a starting point for companies looking at how to utilize data to optimize their business.


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