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GOGLA seeks to promote lighting and electrification solutions that benefit households and business and support the scaling of the sector based on triple bottom line principles.

While the industry generally delivers strong positive social and environmental impacts, it should still take responsibility for efforts to minimise any remaining social and environmental risks of solar lighting and electrification during their lifecycle.

Recognizing that managing these issues will require collaboration within the industry and with other stakeholders, the sustainability working group aims to develop recommendations and exchange best-practices amongst GOGLA’s members on a number of issues. These include, ethical sourcing, end-of-life recycling, social standards for staff and co-workers, and ethical treatment of consumer data, to facilitate the leverage of their joint procurement and distribution influence in the value chain.  The working group also monitors external initiatives and engages with relevant stakeholders when appropriate.

GOGLA members can access member-only documents, including workplans and meeting summaries, on this page in our member section.


29 May

GOGLA Annual General Meeting

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Webinar Recording: What's Next for the Off-Grid Solar Energy Sector?

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Working group leads

Drew Corbyn

Program Manager Quality and Consumer Protection

Paula Berning

Co-Chair - Sustainability Working Group

Florent Giorgi

Chair - Sustainability Working Group



Industry Opinions

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Member Information Document

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Drew Corbyn & Sascha Brandt, GOGLA