Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)

The Sustainable Energy for All initiative brings together top-level leadership from all sectors of society – governments, business and civil society. SE4ALL exists to meet this dual challenge: reducing the carbon intensity of energy while making it available to everyone on the planet.

SE4ALL has three objectives:

1. ensure universal access to modern energy services;

2. double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency;

3. double the renewable energy share in the global energy mix.




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Action Areas: Sectoral and Enabling. The seven sectoral Action Areas address both power generation and the principle sectors of energy consumption.

SECTORAL: Modern Cooking Appliances & Fuels; Distributed Electricity Solutions; Grid Infrastructure & Supply Efficiency; Large Scale Renewable Power; Industrial & Agricultural Processes; Transportation; and Buildings & Appliances. The four Enabling Action Areas characterize cross-cutting mechanisms designed to support effective sectoral action and address existing obstacles.

ENABLING: Energy Planning & Policies; Business Model & Technology Innovation; Finance & Risk Management; Capacity Building & Knowledge Sharing.

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