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How affordable and high-performing appliances are helping customers weather the impacts of COVID-19

The off- and weak-grid appliance sector can play a key role in the pandemic response, foster communities’ resilience, and work towards building back better. We highlight three companies whose affordable and high-performing appliances are helping communities survive during COVID-19. 

Averting a COVID-19 Food Catastrophe: Deploying Solar Agricultural Technology to Mitigate Mass Hunger

This series, developed by the Efficiency for Access Coalition, explores the implications of the pandemic on off-grid communities in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and how solar technologies can support emergency response and bolster resiliency to a global shock like the virus.

Consumer Protection: A tool to strengthen off-grid solar businesses and safeguard impact

The off-grid solar sector faces a difficult task in finding a balance between business survival and consumer relief in the response to and recovery from COVID-19. But putting consumer protection at the heart of operations could benefit both companies and consumers simultaneously.


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03 Dec

The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference 2020

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