60 Decibels Off-Grid Energy Benchmarks

60 Decibels has collected impact data since 2015. Over the years, we’ve conducted 300,000+ interviews in 68 countries, with customers of 780+ companies through 1,352 Lean Data projects across multiple sectors: Energy, Agriculture, Financial Inclusion, Health, Education, and more. By asking the same questions across multiple projects, we’ve been able to develop benchmarks.

These benchmarks are the median performance of all our projects in Off-Grid Energy. Going a step further, quintiles give insight into the range of performance. We can turn this into actionable recommendations by identifying what practices, business models, and more, the highest-performing companies employ.

This is a benchmark of the performance of 97 energy companies, across 25 countries, from 119 Lean Data projects, listening to over 28,000 customers.

This includes companies and organizations providing solar home system, solar lantern, mini-grid, and cooking products and services, with data for the past 3 years.