Consumer Protection Toolbox

Good consumer protection is a journey of continuous improvement. The Consumer Protection Toolbox contains information, guidance and templates to help companies and their investors improve operations and elevate consumer protection standards. The toolbox is growing, so check back regularly!

Guidance and Tools


Transparency underpins several other CP Principles, and is essential to empower consumers to make informed decisions about off-grid solar products.

Data Privacy 

Good data privacy practices uphold consumers’ interests by processing only data for which there is a legitimate purpose and a benefit for consumers.

Agent models and management

Gender Inclusion

Credit Risk Management 

  • In November 2020, GOGLA and CGAP hosted a 2-day workshop on Credit Risk Management in the off-grid solar sector to help companies maintain sustainable, responsible growth of their credit-based portfolio and maintain consumer protection standards. Presentation Day 1 | Presentation Day 2.
  • CGAP has developed a technical guide ‘Getting repaid in asset finance – A guide to managing credit risk’ that summarizes findings and learning from their experience providing technical assistance to 15 asset finance companies, and aims to help companies improve their credit risk management. Read the Technical Guide.

Self-Assessment tool

The Self-Assessment Tool is a key part of the CP Code, and provides a framework for companies to measure, monitor and improve their consumer protection performance. Companies that have made a commitment to the CP Code should carry out a self-assessment at least annually, and doing so can help them identify areas for improvement and facilitate dialogue between companies, investors and other stakeholders, by providing a standardized, evidence-based assessment of the CP indicators.

Training materials

The guidance below has been developed to help companies ensure that staff and agents are not only aware of the CP Code, but are equipped and incentivized to uphold the Principles.

Blogs, Webinars and Events