ToR: Consultant for designing and conducting Leadership Trainings for members of GOGLA’s LEAN network

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LEAN is a peer-mentorship network, connecting off-grid solar industry leaders with peers and other industry specialists to support each other and help each other thrive, as leaders. The new initiative is set up to support GOGLA members as well as the broader sector and enables them to be matched with other individual(s) within a peer-mentoring relationship as well as benefitting from access to other relevant complimentary services. The individuals included in the network are mainly C-level leaders, individuals reporting to the CEO, and industry specialists within the off-grid solar sector. There are about 150 individuals within the network in total.

Many individuals from the LEAN network have indicated that they would like to develop their leadership skills. They, however, do not always possess the right tools and knowledge to do so. GOGLA therefore wants to build on the current LEAN program and provide leadership trainings to allow individuals to learn how to become better leaders.

The scope of the assignment is to expand the LEAN initiative by developing leadership trainings for GOGLA’s LEAN Network.

Submissions should be sent by email to (cc: by 1700h CEST on 15th of September 2021 – further instructions are outlined in the attached TOR.

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