ToR: Gender Inclusion for PURE companies

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GOGLA is seeking a qualified consultant/consultancy to gather insights and develop resources that will support our efforts to encourage gender mainstreaming in the productive use of renewable energy (PURE) sector.

The project aims to ensure that PURE companies can better meet the energy, service and financing needs of women consumers and reach more women overall in pursuit of SDG7 and SDG5.

What are the project objectives? 

  • Map women’s roles in PURE value chains to enhance product impact and meet energy needs.
  • Produce a knowledge product for PURE companies, optimizing design, marketing, and data collection for gender inclusion and business performance.
  • Develop personas for women consumers within PURE value chains to meet their energy requirements.
  • Encourage gender-forward practices for PURE companies with new resources and standards.

What tasks does the consultant/consultancy undertake?

  • Conducting primary and secondary research.
  • Employing a gender lens to map the PURE ecosystem.
  • Developing a knowledge product (report) for companies.
  • Developing a series of persona profiles for women PURE consumers.
  • Identifying sex-disaggregated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for PURE companies.

Deadline to send in applications: Monday, 27 November 2023

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