ToR: Training Series to Enhance the Investment Readiness for the second ELEVATE Cohort of 18 Companies 

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GOGLA is seeking a qualified consultant to to deliver customized training and assist in creating an investor prospectus and fundraising strategy of 18 ELEVATE companies.

The project aims to enhance investor readiness of active locally owned and managed companies in the off-grid solar sector in Africa by offering and complementing a specialised suite of technical expertise that will accelerate the companies’ path to scale.

What are the project objectives? 

  • Enhance understanding of investor expectations and due diligence;
  • Develop skills in operational topics and financial modeling for investor/financiers attraction;
  • Improve pitch narrative and deck creation;
  • Provide strategies for fundraising at various growth stages;
  • Instruct on data room organization and efficient due diligence;
  • Guide in successful funding application completion;
  • Facilitate strategic investor outreach for the 2024 Global Forum.

What tasks does the consultant undertake?

  • Train up to 18 companies, with 2 representatives each (CEOs, CFOs, Business Development Managers).
  • Familiarise participants with key concepts and practical frameworks for effective fundraising and investor outreach.
  • Showcase diverse financial tools, pitch decks, and fundraising plans.
  • Share lessons from companies at various fundraising stages.
  • Document weaknesses and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • Prepare training materials, including slides.
  • Provide personal consultations to address specific company needs.

Deadline to send in applications: Monday, 11 March 2024

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