Using consumer voices to help improve consumer protection

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Do you know whether your customers understand the terms of their warranty or if they feel they have been treated fairly by your agents? Consumers are central to everything an off-grid solar company does, and by evaluating how well their interests are met companies are better placed to reach financial sustainability and ensure a positive impact in the world.

To help companies do just this, GOGLA’s Consumer Protection Code (CP Code) outlines the minimum standards that companies should seek to achieve, and has an assessment framework that gives them the tools to measure their performance, identify strengths and gaps, and focus on improvements. To complement the assessment framework, 60 Decibels, in partnership with GOGLA, has developed a new question set and approach to capture consumer voices and help companies and their investors better understand how consumers experience their off-grid solar product and service, and validate how the company is performing against the six Consumer Protection Principles.

The Lean Data Consumer Protection Survey is now available to companies and investors wanting to improve consumer protection across their operations.

How many of your customers felt informed about the PAYGo terms and conditions before making their purchase? 

The Consumer Protection Survey can help your company find out the answer.

Earlier in 2022, 60 Decibels translated the CP Principles and indicators into a question set that could be asked of consumers and tested it with three companies in Kenya. Nearly 900 consumers were interviewed in the process. From this work, the questions were refined and finalised.

The resultant survey consists of 75 questions including 60 Decibels’ core Lean Data Indicators and a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions.

“I am not very educated and the language [Company] used [in the product manual] was a bit too technical for me to understand, so I’ve never used it.”– OGS customer, Kenya

60 Decibels now offer the Lean Data Consumer Protection Survey to off-grid solar companies and their investors as a full, basic, or add-on module service. This flexibility enables us to meet differing needs across the industry and to ensure OGS companies both small and large can benefit from the insights. Details of the services can be found below:


Companies that undertake a Lean Data Consumer Protection Survey will also be able to demonstrate leadership in this area within the industry and will be publicly recognised as having taken this step on GOGLA’s CP Hub.

Co-funding to help us reach an industry benchmark

GOGLA is excited to launch this service and help catalyse further improvement to consumer protection across the industry. To help us scale the service and to build an industry benchmark, we’re providing co-funding of up to €7,500 towards the cost of a Lean Data Consumer Protection Survey, for seven companies.

Co-funding can be granted to the company or an investor/funder looking to support their investees. If you are interested in applying for co-funding, find out more on our website, or submit an expression of interest at this link asap!

Unique insights to help move your business forward

Listening to consumers talk about their experiences can help companies make data-driven decisions to maximise positive impacts, enhance consumer protection performance, and ensure sustainable business growth.

“[The CP Survey] highlighted key areas of improvements and where we are doing well – and helped us further prioritise these efforts.” – Pilot company, Kenya

Contact us ( to find out more, and join us in learning from consumers to help improve and uphold consumer protection standards across the sector.

GOGLA’s consumer protection programme is made possible with thanks to funding provided by British International Investments, DOEN Foundation and FMO. 

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