Welcome to the new GOGLA board

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This week we welcome a new Board of Directors. Our second elected board, and third for GOGLA, the seven industry leaders will represent our members and the interests of the sector for the next three years.

As the off-grid solar industry accelerates into a new phase, this is an important time for the sector and we hold great hopes for the dynamic new team as we strengthen our voice and lift our performance to go further, faster in achieving our mission of bringing the solar power to those without.

Representing the diversity of this entrepreneurial sector, for the very first time we have a majority female board. This is a groundbreaking moment not just for the sector, but industry as a whole, and demonstrates the pioneering and forward thinking spirit of which we are so proud.

18 GOGLA members put themselves forward as candidates, with an engaged two thirds of our members casting their vote.  Our new board represents leading industry players, a leading technology provider and two innovative, active investors. It includes three of our founding members, of which two are continuing from the previous BoD.

The new GOGLA Board consists of:

  • Greenlight Planet – Radhika Thakkar (President)
  • Persistent Energy – Dirk Muench (Treasurer)
  • Acumen – Sarah Bieber
  • Angaza – Lesley Marincola
  • d.light – Charlotte Heffer
  • Fenix International – Morrison Rwakakamba
  • Total – Mathias Nathan

“The new board composition nicely reflects the evolution of our industry with a combination of vertically integrated companies, software services and investors, working together to represent and support the evolving needs and interests of our dynamic industry.  We are honored by the confidence our peers have in our ability to help guide GOGLA to continue serving as the voice of the off-grid industry.”

Radhika Thakkar, President, GOGLA.

Last, but not least, we said goodbye to the old Board members to whom we are very grateful for their commitment over the last three years. They shared hours, knowledge, networks and passion with us, all voluntarily.  Thank you, Harry, Wolfgang, Joshua, Andreas and Thomas, and Ti, on behalf of all GOGLA members and the entire GOGLA team!

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