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What We Do

GOGLA promotes, safeguards and convenes the off-grid solar and efficient appliance industry.
We communicate the value of the off-grid solar industry to those key to its success: governments, policymakers, investors, neighbouring industries and international institutions – inspiring support where it matters most.
We help lay solid foundations for industry growth, from the pursuit of enabling policies, standards and regulations to accelerate electricity access, to building investor confidence in the sector.  This means our members are less exposed to risk and operate in stronger markets for the long term.
We support collaboration and knowledge-sharing between our members, policymakers, investors, donors, facilitators, thought leaders and others to strengthen our network and build a relevant, informed, dynamic and confident industry.
What do we do for key partners and stakeholders?
We work with governments, development partners, investors, research institutions, media and other stakeholders as the ‘go to’ organisation to learn about and connect with this pioneering industry. With 200+ members across the globe, we exist to accelerate the growth of immediate, affordable, localised electricity. 
We provide:  
• The latest market information 
• Insights on trends, innovations and impacts in areas such as local economic development, health and access to education and information
• Information on best practice in business, technologies, policy and finance
• Forums for discussion, learning and development.


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