ELEVATE is a pilot investment readiness programme under the GET.invest Finance Readiness Support. GET.invest is a European programme that mobilises investment in renewable energy, supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria. Our goal is to enhance investment readiness for active locally owned and managed companies in the off-grid solar sector in Africa by offering and complementing a specialized suite of technical expertise that will accelerate the companies’ path to scale.

 What you get from this programme?

  • Access to needs-based tailored trainings held virtually where strategies and measures for industry growth, product improvement, business and management operations, innovation and scaling will be developed and implemented.
  • Access to curated tools including an investor guide/prospectus to guide you through the investment/financing landscape.
  • Access to the Bridge Live and exclusive webinars which connect off-grid solar industry leaders with peers and other strategic investors/ technical assistance providers to help them thrive.
  • Access to investor-focused events such as the 2024 Africa Energy Indaba Event and the 2024 Global Off-Grid Solar Forum (See details on previous editions here).
  • Subsidized GOGLA membership for the next two years. Find out more on the benefits of being a GOGLA member here.

Eligibility Criteria

The programme will be open to companies that meet the following requirements:

  • The company must be privately owned, legally registered and have a physical presence in Africa.
  • The company must have at least 51% African ownership and a majority of its management team being African citizens of the country where the company is incorporated in – For instance, we do not have a problem with a Nigerian management team for a Kenya based company.
  • The company must have a business model offering Off-Grid Solar (OGS) products or services for households, enterprises, and smallholder farmers.
  • The company must have been effectively marketing and selling their OGS products or services in Africa for at least three years with verifiable revenue for at least two years. Companies with less than three years of market experience but can demonstrate notable sales growth during their period of operation may also be considered.
  • The company must not have previously received technical assistance from the GET.invest Finance Readiness Support.

Apply for the Elevate programme here. The application deadline is 19 November 2023. 

To seek further clarification regarding the application, please email Linda at l.yunia@gogla.org

ELEVATE first cohort

Learn more about the 1st ELEVATE cohort

The first ELEVATE cohort saw a final list of 20 companies who were shortlisted from over 68 applications received. The companies selected operate in East, West, and Southern Africa with the majority of them based in East Africa and Ethiopia having the most companies selected. The cohort also includes four companies that are fully female-owned. The companies cover a range of market segments from solar home systems to C&I and productive uses (PUE) of energy.