Technical Assistance & Mentoring

Linda Yunia
Linda Yunia Investment Readiness Manager
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To help companies build the skills, knowledge and relationships they need to thrive, GOGLA runs two capacity building programmes: ELEVATE, an investment readiness programme for locally owned and managed companies in the African off-grid sector and LEAN, a Leadership Advice Network which enables off-grid solar practitioners to share peer-to-peer experiences and guidance.

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ELEVATE is an Africa-focussed investment readiness programme for locally owned and managed off-grid solar companies. It provides a specialised suite of technical expertise that can help improve investor readiness and accelerate companies’ path to scale. ELEVATE is supported by GET.invest, a European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria. 



LEAN, the Leadership Advice Network, connects off-grid solar industry leaders with peers and other strategic mentors to help them thrive, as leaders. This initiative is set up to support GOGLA members and enables them to be a) matched with multiple individuals in a mentor/mentee role, and b) access other services. We are opening up the initiative to the broader sector, offering one match with a peer or strategic mentor for the duration of 6 months!

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