Consumer Protection Tools

Here you can find tools developed to help companies improve consumer protection practices in the sector, including the self-assessment tool and a toolkit to support implementation of the CP Code, which will include guidance, templates and training modules.

Self-assessment tool

The Self-Assessment Tool is a key part of the CP Code, and provides a framework for companies to measure, monitor and improve their consumer protection performance. Companies that have made a commitment to the CP Code should carry out a self-assessment at least annually, and doing so can help them identify areas for improvement and facilitate dialogue between companies, investors and other stakeholders, by providing a standardized, evidence-based assessment of the CP indicators. Find the Self-Assessment Tool here.


Consumer Protection Toolkit

During the second phase of GOGLA’s Consumer Protection programme, we will build a toolkit to address the more challenging areas of the CP Code and provide guidance to help companies improve consumer protection practices. Check back regularly as we will add more resources as they are developed.

Handbook to the Consumer Protection Code

For companies and investors, this handbook has been created to provide an introduction to the CP Code, and explain how the sector can use it to improve sector-wide practices of consumer protection. The handbook to the Consumer Protection Code is available here.


Transparency underpins several other CP Principles, and is essential to empower consumers to make informed decisions about off-grid solar products. Find some useful resources below:
Briefing Note: Empowering consumers through better communication, information and support.
Webinar Recording: Improving transparency in off-grid solar | Presentation
Template: Key Facts Statement for PAYGo consumers


The guidance below has been developed to help companies ensure that staff and agents are not only aware of the CP Code, but are equipped and incentivized to uphold the Principles. Find some useful resources below:
Training guidance
CP overview presentation for company staff

Data Privacy

Good data privacy practices uphold consumers’ interests by processing only data for which there is a legitimate purpose and a benefit for consumers. Find some useful resources here:

Briefing Note: Building trust with off-grid solar consumers through better data practices
Webinar Recording: Personal Data Privacy | Presentation

Consumer Protection Survey Tool

GOGLA is working to develop a set of questions that companies can use to verify their standards of consumer protection with consumers themselves. Once complete, it will be available here. (Coming soon)