The Consumer Protection Assessment Framework

Making a Commitment to the Consumer Protection Code is just the first step for companies seeking to improve standards of consumer protection. The Assessment Framework supports continuous improvement and provides the tools and services to help companies measure, prove and improve performance.The Assessment Framework includes: Self Assessment; Third-Party Assessment; and a CP Consumer Survey. After making a Commitment, annual Self-Assessment is the basic requirement for companies. A Third-Party Assessment is available for companies (and their investors) seeking a more robust, independent evaluation of their performance and support in making impactful improvements.

Complementary to Assessment, a CP Consumer Survey validates company performance through rich consumer insights – helping to understand a company’s strengths and gaps.Find out more about the tools and services below, or watch the launch webinar here [Presentation │Recording].

GOGLA is offering a limited amount of co-funding for companies and investors interested in undertaking a Third-party Assessment or Lean Data Consumer Protection Survey.