Consumer Experience Initiative

GOGLA and partners have launched the Consumer Experience Initiative (CXI) to bring about a steep change in industry performance and impact. This initiative will support companies with technical assistance, tools and research to improve portfolio quality and boost profitability; it will also guide investors on how to promote impactful and sustainable business practices.

The Consumer Experience Initiative (CXI) builds on the work done to date to strengthen consumer protection  and broadens the scope to also increase consumer satisfaction as well as product usage and ownership under the PAYGo model.  As part of its initiative GOGLA has developed a Consumer Experience Roadmap that defines five workstreams to support companies in creating a better experience for their consumers.

  1. Investment Strategy Drivers: Guidance for Investors | GOGLA
  2. Credit Reference Systems
  3. Operational Best Practices: GOGLA Consumer Protection Code: Safeguarding industry impact
  4. Managing At-Risk Customers
  5. Standardised KPIs & Data Insights: PAYGo PERFORM KPIs | GOGLA

There are opportunities for companies to access technical assistance (TA) from industry experts, benefit from innovative tools, participate in research and gain new insights.  Investors are invited to join working group calls and roundtables to explore how they can practically support companies with governance, targets and incentives.

GOGLA’s vision is that within the next four years (2024-2027) the CXI Roadmap will help to promote best practices and establish benchmarks that can drive substantial improvements in industry performance and, ultimately, in the day-to-day experiences of PAYGo consumers: The Consumer Experience Initiative: Driving a step change in PAYGo performance and impact | GOGLA

If OGS companies can consistently demonstrate that the PAYGo model is viable in their core business, this will firmly position it as the preferred asset financing method for a diverse range of other essential products (cookstoves, smartphones and other appliances) enhancing the lives of consumers.

Making our bold CXI vision a reality and achieving measurable results within the given timeframe will require buy-in, guidance and funding from key industry stakeholders:

  • Companies should engage with the technical assistance, tools and research, and strive to improve their operational and financial performance
  • Investors should adapt their financing strategy and incentive structure to promote portfolio quality alongside growth
  • Donors should fund capacity building (TA, training, tool development and research) to help improve operations