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Innovations in Off-Grid Solar E-Waste Management

This report presents case studies on the first round of the inaugural Global LEAP Awards Solar E-Waste Challenge, offering detailed analysis of eight projects addressing growing e-waste levels from the off-grid solar sector in sub-Saharan Africa. The publication by CLASP and GOGLA, outlines the key findings, lessons and next steps for the sector, broken down into the four key themes:

  1. Access to Waste: Awareness Raising & Incentivisation
  2. Designing Effective Take-Back & Collection Models
  3. Encouraging Repair & Refurbishment
  4. Improving the Recycling Infrastructure in African Markets

Catalogue of E-Waste service providers

As part of the e-waste toolkit, GOGLA curated a catalogue of e-waste service providers working in off-grid solar markets to help companies identify potential partners. We are continuously adding new service providers to the catalogue and are happy to add the details of others, especially in markets with a nascent e-waste environment. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions. (Members only)

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E-Waste Legislative Framework Map

GOGLA partners at GSMA CleanTech have developed an interactive tool to help companies understand the policy environment and help them set up effective e-waste management activities within specific country context. Including a significant number of off-grid markets, the map allows you to explore e-waste related policies at country and regional level, as well as latest e-waste statistics.

Global E-Waste Monitor

The global e-waste monitor publishes a periodic global report including data on the amount of e-waste generated, its value, and what proportion is effectively captured and processed.

GOGLA E-Waste / Circularity Festival

In 2019, GOGLA hosted its first e-waste festival in Nairobi, Kenya. Bringing together more than 50 stakeholders in the industry, the festival focused on sharing ideas and learnings, and included a visit to a recycling plant. The festival will resume in 2021 under the ‘Circularity’ theme.