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Innovations in Off-Grid Solar E-Waste Management

This report presents case studies on the first round of the inaugural Global LEAP Awards Solar E-Waste Challenge, offering detailed analysis of eight projects addressing growing e-waste levels from the off-grid solar sector in sub-Saharan Africa. The publication by CLASP and GOGLA, outlines the key findings, lessons and next steps for the sector, broken down into the four key themes:

  1. Access to Waste: Awareness Raising & Incentivisation
  2. Designing Effective Take-Back & Collection Models
  3. Encouraging Repair & Refurbishment
  4. Improving the Recycling Infrastructure in African Markets

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E-Waste Legislative Framework Map

GOGLA partners at GSMA CleanTech have developed an interactive tool to help companies understand the policy environment and help them set up effective e-waste management activities within specific country context. Including a significant number of off-grid markets, the map allows you to explore e-waste related policies at country and regional level, as well as latest e-waste statistics.

Global E-Waste Monitor

The global e-waste monitor publishes a periodic global report including data on the amount of e-waste generated, its value, and what proportion is effectively captured and processed.

GOGLA E-Waste / Circularity Festival

In 2019, GOGLA hosted its first e-waste festival in Nairobi, Kenya. Bringing together more than 50 stakeholders in the industry, the festival focused on sharing ideas and learnings, and included a visit to a recycling plant. The festival will resume in 2021 under the ‘Circularity’ theme.