Introduction to Recycling

This Module provides a high-level technical introduction to the recycling journey of solar components and the environmental, health & safety considerations associated to handling each of those. It also touches upon how to identify a recycler with guidance for due diligence, it includes:

  • Overview to the waste components in a pico PV product and solar home system – how do e-waste recyclers view your products?
  • How and where are e-waste components recycled/processed?
  • What are the hazards for each component and step?
  • Deciding upon your recycling and waste partners.
  • What tools can I use to assess recyclers?
  • What is current good practice?

Briefing Note

The Briefing Note follows the waste journey (from products to components and fractions, and onward to recycling). It is an overview about how off-grid solar products are recycled, what are best practices for storage, handling and transport of waste, and how to identify recycling partners.