Take-back and Collection

During the E-waste festival in July 2019, GOGLA members and other industry stakeholders got together to create new ideas, partnerships and projects that would improve e-waste management across the sector. Take-back and collection was one of the main topics covered during the event. Module 6 aims to provide an introduction to take-back and collection and existing channels that companies can explore (owned/reverse logistics, third-party collection and informal sector engagement). This module will also explore the differences between access to waste and collection and dive into how companies can create incentives for take-back and achieve higher collection rates.

Briefing Note

The GOGLA e-waste toolkit module 5&6 briefing note, is available to download now. Customers, take-back and collection covers the complex nature of consumer relationships with end-of-life electronics, and how off-grid solar companies can optimise their e-waste management strategy through take-back and collection. This briefing note is part of the GOGLA e-waste toolkit, which provides guidance and tools for managing solar e-waste