Market Insights

Off-grid solar products sold by GOGLA Members and Lighting Global Associates are improving energy access for over 100 million people, bringing savings, clean air and power for enterprise, education and income generation. In this Market Insights Hub you will find the latest impact data, as well as GOGLA’s standardized impact metrics and research resources.

GOGLA Impact Metrics & Working Group

GOGLA’s standardized metrics on energy access, income generation, CO2e reduction and more enable companies and investors to estimate the impact of their organization or investment.


Tools and Resources

To support research into the impact of off-grid solar, we have collected a range of open-source resources from leading organizations. From ‘How-to’ guides to data tools and platforms.

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Data Portal

GOGLA, with the support of partners and donors, leads data collection and market intelligence initiatives which support the sector by providing robust insights into the off-grid solar market helping companies, investors, governments and development partners make informed decisions about the sector.


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