The PAYGo PERFORM KPIs are financial, operational and portfolio quality indicators for the pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar industry.

Developed by CGAP, GOGLA, and IFC Lighting Global in consultation with some 600 investors, PAYGo executives, and experts in energy and financial inclusion around the world, the PAYGo PERFORM KPIs are designed to meet the needs of companies and funders (donors and investors). All PAYGo solar companies are encouraged to adopt the KPIs and work toward making them the industry standard.

A subset of these KPIs has already been integrated by companies and reported as part of a data collection effort led by GOGLA and MFR.

The data is hosted on Atlas the platform developed by MFR. Companies that share their PAYGo PERFORM data have access to the platform. Other stakeholders need to pay an annual subscription to access the platform.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about the PAYGo PERFORM KPIs, you can find the Technical Guide and all other related publications on our website/findevgateway. You can also read insights from previous rounds of the PAYGo PERFORM Monitor in the Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2022.

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If you are a distributor of PAYGo products with at least 2 years of PAYGo sales, reach out to our Market Insights and Data Manager, Oliver Reynolds at