Impact: Tools and Resources

Susie Wheeldon
Susie Wheeldon Head of Communications and Insights
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To support research into the impact of off-grid solar, we have collected a range of open-source resources from leading organizations. From ‘How-to’ guides to data tools and platforms.

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MIT D-Lab: Energy Needs Assessment Toolkit

Understanding the energy needs and market opportunities in the specific off-grid community or region is the first step for effectively selecting and implementing the solutions to meet a community’s energy needs. D-Lab has developed the Energy Assessment Toolkit to guide organizations through the process of gathering the information in the following areas:

  • Current energy access and expenditures
  • Aspirational energy needs
  • Existing supply chain
  • Community institutions and stakeholders (private sector, government, NGO)

Acumen Lean Data & Impact Measurement Courses

Designed specifically for social enterprises, Lean Data helps build more impactful businesses by providing them with data on their social performance, customer feedback and behavior. Learn more about the Lean Data initiative and view the organizations free online resources, including:

Acumen Lean Data

The Lean Data Field Guide: including research planning, question-sets and PPI information

Plus Acumen Courses: including free courses on Impact Assessment, Analysis and Communication

Powering Opportunity: Data Collection Guidance

While developing the Powering Opportunity data collection and analysis, lead research partner, Altai Consulting built a ‘How-To’ Guide to share learnings and insights with other organisations looking to undertake research on the off-grid solar sector. The guide is shared below.

GOGLA Impact Research Matrix

This simple to use Google Sheet captures the latest impact research on the off-grid sector, categorising it by impact area, country, research type and technology

Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK)

The Power for All PEAK platform translates dense energy access reports and datasets into searchable and categorized insights on decentralized renewable energy that are easy to share. The platform includes curated research, data visualisations, fact sheets, geospatial visualisations, research summaries and images.