About the End User Subsidy Lab

Alongside other critical interventions, end user subsidies for off-grid solar solutions will play a key role in ensuring that no one is left behind in the bid to achieve universal electrification. However, to optimise the impacts of end user subsidies, they must a) work alongside other ‘pro-poor solutions’ (e.g., fiscal support, financial innovations, supply-side subsidies), and b) be developed carefully to avoid impeding other energy access efforts. The End User Subsidy Lab, will undertake two main workstreams to catalyse smart, holistic end-user subsidies:

Knowledge generation and exchange


  1. Sharing insights, best practices, tools and information, leveraging knowledge from previous and current subsidy schemes/models from sector specific and adjacent sectors
  2. Crowding in knowledge, resources and expertise from all stakeholders interested in end user subsidies via Webinars, events and an online resource hub.
  3. Creating a pipeline of well developed end user subsidy opportunities.


Developing end-user subsidy designs


  1. Synthesising or collecting the data needed to ensure varied end-user subsidies models are effectively developed and implemented

  2. Connecting with a range of stakeholders at the national and international levels to get robust inputs into, and feedback on, proposed subsidy designs, including governments, development partners, civil society organisations and the private sector.

  3. Creating and testing subsidy prototypes that outline the overarching design elements specific to country or programmatic contexts
  4. Supporting the effective implementation of end user subsidy schemes
  5. Monitoring and evaluating end user subsidy programmes to enable continuous learning and improvement in subsidy design

How to get involved

To make end user subsidies a success and mainstream them into energy access programs, we need expertise, perspectives, and inputs from all stakeholders. If you would like to contribute to the work of the End User Subsidy Lab, please feel free to reach out to: fhinrichs@worldbank.org or p.tonui@gogla.org

Ongoing and Upcoming Activities:

Webinar Series:

Following detailed country-level discussions at the flagship ‘From ideas to action: Using end user subsidies to achieve universal energy access’ event in early 2021, the End User Subsidies Lab Webinar Series will take a deep-dive into the design and impact of schemes in Rwanda, Bangladesh, Kenya and Togo, where initiatives have been piloted and implemented – highlighting practical lessons and experiences.

Designing End User Subsidies:

Led by ESMAP/Lighting Global in collaboration with GOGLA, EnDev and ACE, and supported by the Shell Foundation, the End User Subsidy Lab is working to develop end user subsidy prototypes. This work will take place between Q4, 2021 and Q3, 2022 and involve data collection, analysis and extensive stakeholder engagement. The prototype designs will provide the overarching design for end user subsidy programmes for select countries. More information will be shared soon, stay tuned.