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Circularity Working Group - 6 May 2021

Beyond e-waste: A circular approach to reducing the footprint of the off-grid solar industry

Rebecca Rhodes, Project Manager, Consumer Protection and Technology

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Innovations in Off-Grid Solar E-Waste Management

This report presents case studies on the first round...

Business Blueprints for E-waste Management

Building on the knowledge and best practice shared in the GOGLA E-waste Toolkit, we have...

Introduction to Circularity

GOGLA has expanded its e-waste hub to encompass all aspects of circularity within the off-grid...

E-Waste Working Group Call - 17 September 2020

E-Waste Working Group Call - 17 September 2020

Slide deck - Module 6 - Take-back and collection

Take-back and Collection

During the E-waste festival in July 2019, GOGLA members and other industry stakeholders got together...

E-waste Module 5 Slide deck

E-waste and the Consumer

Access to waste is arguably one of the most difficult steps in the e-waste chain,...


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