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E-waste Toolkit Module 2 - Presentation Design for Reduction of E-Waste

E-Waste Working Group Kick-Off

Off-grid solar e-waste: the industry is growing responsible in waste management


GOGLA E-Waste Toolkit Project Overview

E-Waste Service Provider Catalogue

Choosing a recycling partner can be a long and difficult process. The module 1 Briefing Note contains tools to help companies evaluate recycling partners according to a set of quality and environmental standards. But before even starting to think about due diligence, having an overview of existing stakeholders in the market can already be challenging. The catalogue...

E-waste Toolkit Module 1 Briefing Note - technical introduction to recycling of off-grid solar products

This Briefng Note gives a high-level technical understanding of how off-grid solar products are recycled, how to store, handle and transport waste, and how to identify recycling partners. It is part of the first Module of the GOGLA e-waste Toolkit.

Introduction to Recycling

This Module provides a high-level technical introduction to the recycling journey of solar components and...


17 Jun to 18 Jun

Annual Member Conference AGM

As a GOGLA member or close partner, you are invited to take part in GOGLA's Annual...

In focus: South Asia and the use of PAYGo

Viraj Gada, India Regional Representative


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