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Consumer Protection Briefing Note: Transparency

Of the six Principles of the Consumer Protection Code, Transparency is particularly key as it underpins others such as responsible sales and pricing, fair and respectful treatment, and data privacy. Ensuring transparent operations may be challenging for off-grid solar companies because of low-literacy levels among consumers, operations in markets with diverse and numerous languages, the growth of the PAYGo model – unique for its complex mix of financial, product and service elements, lack of...

Consumer Protection Working Group Call | July 2021

CP Self Assessment Tool French

Consumer Protection: A tool to strengthen off-grid solar businesses and safeguard impact

Rebecca Rhodes, Project Manager, Consumer Protection and Technology
09 Jul to 10 Jul

Consumer Insights during COVID-19 Webinar #2

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GOGLA CP Code - Working Group call _15 Apr 2020

10 Jun to 11 Jun

Consumer Insights during COVID-19 - Webinar #1

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Member Information Document

The Member Information Document provides GOGLA members with an overview of GOGLA's structures and processes ensuring that members reap all benefits linked to GOGLA membership.

Consumer Protection WG Call Notes 12 September 2019


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