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E-Waste Working Group Call - 17 September 2020

E-Waste Working Group Call - 17 September 2020

Slide deck - Module 6 - Take-back and collection

Take-back and Collection

During the E-waste festival in July 2019, GOGLA members and other industry stakeholders got together...

E-waste Module 5 Slide deck

E-waste and the Consumer

Access to waste is arguably one of the most difficult steps in the e-waste chain,...

E-waste Toolkit Module 4 Briefing Note - Regulation and Compliance

This briefing note builds on module 4 of our e-waste toolkit, aiming to provide a high-level introduction and reference guide to current e-waste regulation as well as provide an understanding of e-waste regulation typologies and their financing mechanism.

Member Information Document

The Member Information Document provides GOGLA members with an overview of GOGLA's structures and processes ensuring that members reap all benefits linked to GOGLA membership.

E-Waste Toolkit Module 3 Briefing Note - The financials of e-waste management

This briefing note details the costs incurred at each step of the product’s end-of-life journey - access to waste, collection, transport and treatment. The aim is to help companies plan their e-waste management strategy. E-waste cost data is required to help companies forecast their financial liability and serves as useful guidance when establishing partnerships with e-waste service providers.

E-Waste Regulation Kenya (DRAFT)


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