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E-Waste Toolkit Module 3 Briefing Note - The financials of e-waste management

This briefing note details the costs incurred at each step of the product’s end-of-life journey - access to waste, collection, transport and treatment. The aim is to help companies plan their e-waste management strategy. E-waste cost data is required to help companies forecast their financial liability and serves as useful guidance when establishing partnerships with e-waste service providers.

E-Waste Regulation Kenya (DRAFT)

Summary Report E-waste Festival

KEREA GOGLA E-waste Position Paper

E-waste Toolkit Module 4 - Presentation Policy and Regulation

E-waste Policy and Regulation

This module aims to provide a high-level introduction and reference guide to current e-waste regulation...

GOGLA E-waste Festival sets the agenda: 5 key takeaways

Drew Corbyn and Juliana Martinez

Missed the GOGLA e-waste festival?

You can now download materials from the GOGLA E-waste Festival to learn the latest about...

E-waste Festival

The E-waste Festival, held from 16 -18 July in Nairobi, brought the off-grid solar industry...

How lithium batteries can help advance a solar-powered world

Garick Lee, Drew Corbyn and Aletta D'cruz


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