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E-Waste Toolkit Module 2 Briefing Note - Design for Reduction of Waste

This Briefing Note identifies tools and strategies to reduce waste in the off-grid solar sector. It takes a holistic approach, recognising that it is most effective and efficient to start by not producing waste. It explores product, services and business models that can reduce waste and includes case studies of four innovative companies and products. Learn more in the GOGLA e-waste toolkit.

Off-grid solar is moving into the performance zone

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director
16 Jul to 18 Jul

E-waste Festival

The E-waste Festival, held from 16 -18 July in Nairobi, will bring the industry together to...

Design for Reduction of E-Waste

The first solution that comes to mind when addressing e-waste is responsible, environmentally friendly and...

E-waste Toolkit Module 2 - Presentation Design for Reduction of E-Waste

E-Waste Working Group Kick-Off

Off-grid solar e-waste: the industry is growing responsible in waste management


GOGLA E-Waste Toolkit Project Overview

E-Waste Service Provider Catalogue

Choosing a recycling partner can be a long and difficult process. The module 1 Briefing Note contains tools to help companies evaluate recycling partners according to a set of quality and environmental standards. But before even starting to think about due diligence, having an overview of existing stakeholders in the market can already be challenging. The catalogue...

E-waste Toolkit Module 1 Briefing Note - technical introduction to recycling of off-grid solar products

This Briefng Note gives a high-level technical understanding of how off-grid solar products are recycled, how to store, handle and transport waste, and how to identify recycling partners. It is part of the first Module of the GOGLA e-waste Toolkit.


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