Finance & Investment

The Finance & Investment Working Group (FIWG) convened over the nine months (February – October 2023) to analyse the state of industry health and address challenges through innovation and collaboration. This was done with four taskforces that focused on key themes for development: Monetizing Impact, Re-engineering Debt, Catalysing Equity & New Pools of Capital.

Members of the FIWG included more than 70 individuals from GOGLA Members & partners, representing PAYGo companies, investors, and development partners

The main goal of the FIWG was to recognise the challenges in the industry and identify solutions and actions to strengthen the industry.  The group aimed to create a narrative for people in the industry to demonstrate we have a vision and strategy for growth.

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The Finance and Investment Working Group is supported by GET.invest, a European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria