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Solar Frontier Capital (SFC)

Solar Frontier Capital (SFC) is a dedicated impact investment vehicle set up by African Frontier Capital to provide working capital financing solutions to pay-as-you-go (PAYG) off-grid Solar Home System (SHS) companies. Visit the SFC website… Read More

Nithio Holdings Inc.

Nithio Holdings Inc., is an energy finance platform that provides services to distributed energy service companies, capital providers, governments, and other stakeholders in the distributed solar energy sector in Africa. Nithio’s finance and underwriting tools allow for more detailed understanding of consumer credit, climate risk, and behavioral… Read More

The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX)

The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX), provides currency derivatives to hedge exchange rate risk in developing markets. TCX is a development finance initiative and its mandate is to complement the offering by commercial banks, which in many currencies is either absent, of insufficient depth  or not accessible to all parties in… Read More

Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)

Driven by our mission of enhancing a prosperous and enterprising rural Africa, AECF invests in businesses that have the potential to disrupt markets, stimulate new industries and create markets where none exists. We work where others will not; invest in emerging, post-conflict and transitioning states to create new markets and… Read More


We deliver smart solar solutions that are owned and operated by the people who need them most. Our modular solar energy kits are carefree and help people grow in life and work, no matter where they live. Our grid allows even the smallest community to become energy resilient. While we… Read More

Peoples Portable Power

The company has developed an innovative Internet-Of-Things energy solution for families living in Africa without public power supply. The Challenge The rural off-grid population in Africa today uses a fair amount of money every week on kerosene for oil lamps and they pay for and spend time on charging their… Read More


MOON provides innovative energy and digital solutions for the inclusive development of rural communities in Africa. We believe that it is possible to achieve universal and digitalized electrification for all sub-Saharan households by 2030. To achieve this, MOON distributes tailored and value-creating products and services, such as its pay-as-you-go solar… Read More

LIB Solar

LIB Solar installs, finances, and maintains solar systems for rural communities in Liberia. Our business model leverages the power of tight-knit communities to collect payments and perform basic maintenance, which improves on-time payments and reduces operating costs. The basic system provides high-quality lights, radios, and USB charging for homes and public… Read More

Devidayal Solar Solutions

Devidayal Solar Solutions focuses on design, development and sales of solutions in the distributed renewable energy (DRE) cold chain space. We believe in collaborating with different stakeholders and use of productive-use appliances like solar refrigerators to create and build livelihoods. Q&A Where is it based? Mumbai, India When was it… Read More

All Solar Lights Ltd

All Solar Lights Ltd provides high quality off-grid lighting and phone charging solutions for the 2.4 billion people without electricity across around the world. Our basic solar kit has been approved by the World Bank and incorporated ino their Lighting Global Program. Our products use leading-edge LED technology making them amongst… Read More