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African Sun Energy

African Sun Energy develops, designs, finances, and installs solar power systems for on and off residential, commercial, and industrial clients. African Sun Energy is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.  Q&A What is the mission? We seek to uphold the United Nations… Read More


Eja-Ice is a solar powered refrigeration and cold chain services company. What is Eja-Ice’s mission? To work closely with food producing communities, processors and retailers to Mitigate food loss, reduce GHG emissions and sustain business profits through solar powered cold chain. For fisherwomen; to enable financial inclusion through asset acquisition… Read More


UpyaTech is a London-based Fintech with operations across sub-Saharan Africa. The focus is on working with small to medium size distributors to help them increase sales, lower operating costs and develop sustainable and impactful last-mile distribution businesses. What is UpyaTech’s mission? Driven by innovation and the desire to impact the… Read More


CarbonClear’s new data-driven model for carbon credit issuance, that represents a fundamental rethinking of the existing carbon market. It leverages clear and transparent data points in the CO2 projects that it funds, and enables fast, reliable, and cost-effective generation of verified carbon credits for the Voluntary Carbon Market in a… Read More


VentureBuilder partners with African-owned and -managed distributors, providing early-stage equity financing and enterprise development services to help launch and scale businesses that will provide millions of people with affordable, reliable, and modern electricity services. Across Africa, local distributors have years of experience serving their customers with a variety of essential… Read More

NEoT Offgrid Africa

NEoT Offgrid Africa, supports off-grid energy access, in rural and peri-urban areas, where the power grid is absent or unreliable. Focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, communities, and individuals seeking to diversify their energy supply sources, NEoT’s offers respond to key development challenges, and promote the deployment of sustainable, clean,… Read More

Access to Energy Institute (A2EI)

The access to energy sector has overcome many challenges and the electrification of millions of customers has paved the way for achieving access to reliable and affordable electricity for nearly all households by 2030. So the next challenge is: When will all small businesses and smallholder farmers have access to… Read More

60 Decibels

Our mission is to make the use of high-quality customer / supplier impact data the norm in social purpose organizations. This will create widespread accountability and facilitate management towards greater social impact, pushing social performance towards equal footing with financial results in assessing returns on capital Q&A Where is it… Read More


Oikocredit is a social impact investor and worldwide cooperative with over four decades of experience in leading positive change through investments in financial inclusion, agriculture, and renewable energy. Guided by the principle of empowering low-income people to improve their quality of life, Oikocredit supports partner organizations in Africa, Asia and… Read More


Villageboom Germany was founded in 2010 with the mission to make solar light so affordable so that every off-grid household can afford it. Villageboom develops and manufactures its own solar lamp, the Villageboom High Power solar light, and has just launched the 6th product upgrade. Since 2010 we have been… Read More