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Oríkì Energy

Oríkì Energy is a for-profit social enterprise focused on the distribution of Pay-as-You-Go Off-Grid/standalone solar systems for Productive use in Africa. What is Oríkì Energy’s mission? Oríkì Energy strives to democratize access to the world’s best social impact solutions. Where is it based? Nigeria When was it created? 2021 Who… Read More

ennos ag

ennos ag is an organization committed to developing pumping technologies that are affordable and suitable for farmers and communities. What is ennos ag’s mission? ennos ag aims to promote the use of CO2-free, economic solar pumps that combine income, productivity and labor-saving benefits and a more sustainable use of the… Read More


IBRIZ is a solar technology company focused on the productive use of solar energy in agriculture. What is IBRIZ’s mission? IBRIZ empowers smallholder farmers, particularly women, with solar water pumps to boost crop yields and fight climate change. Our digital platform manages assets and tracks carbon offsets, showcasing our dedication… Read More