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Connectors: the low-hanging fruit for interoperability

This blog presents the GOGLA Technology Working Group's interoperability initiative.  We believe that greater standardisation and interoperability can enhance value for consumers, companies and the environment.

COVID-19: How GOGLA is helping the off-grid solar industry deal with the crisis

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, GOGLA Executive Director, Koen Peters, lists down what we as an industry association are doing to help keep the off-grid solar industry alive.

"Partnerships are important for the success of the off-grid solar industry"

GOGLA Executive Director Koen Peters elaborates on his key takeaways from the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo.


10 Jun

Consumer Insights during COVID-19 - Webinar #1

16 Aug

World Battery Industry Expo (WBE 2020)

23 Sep

s-@ccess. Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access

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