The Voice of the Off-Grid Solar Energy Industry


Off-grid solar industry takes the lead in developing consumer protection code of conduct

Companies, investors and stakeholders will develop a framework that will serve as the de-facto standard for off-grid solar consumer protection

Industry agrees it is time to tackle off-grid solar electronic waste

Five takeaways from the discussion on off-grid solar e-waste at the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum

Webinar Recording: What's Next for the Off-Grid Solar Energy Sector?

A recording of the webinar is now available


23 May

3rd Solar India Expo 2018

29 May

GOGLA Annual General Meeting

31 May

Seminar: Achieving successful public-private sector cooperation on sustainable development goals

The Voice of the Off-Grid Solar Energy Industry

GOGLA is the voice of the off-grid solar lighting and electrification sector. Established in 2012, GOGLA now represents over 125 members as a neutral, independent, not-for-profit industry association. Its mission is to help its members build sustainable markets, delivering quality, affordable products and services to as many households, businesses and communities as possible across the developing world. The products and solutions that GOGLA members sell transform lives. They improve health and education, create jobs and income opportunities and help consumers save money. 

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