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#IWD2023: Off-grid solar, a technology catalysing opportunity for women

Off-grid solar can catalyse opportunity for women, but to maximise the sector's impact we need more funding, more women in leadership positions, a higher number of women employees overall, better understanding of female consumer behaviour and standardized metrics to track their outcomes.

Turning 2022 Lessons into 2023 Action

Performance and investment were at the top of the agenda at the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum 2022. We took the lessons learned from our expert panellists and turned them into a short report, with powerful recommendations for action in the year ahead.

#WorldRadioDay: spotlighting an underrated player in creating more informed citizens

On #WorldRadioDay, we want to shout out to all the off-grid companies helping families, business owners and off-grid communities become better informed and enjoy diverse expressions of culture.



31 May

Unlocking Solar Capital Africa

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