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The Economic Impact of Off-Grid Solar

The Voice of the Off-Grid Solar Energy Industry


Last mile entrepreneurs: Women are driving the off-grid solar industry

This International Women’s Day let us take a moment and celebrate the many women who are taking renewable energy to the heart of their communities.

We see off-grid solar transforming lives

The socioeconomic benefits of off-grid solar are clear. Read our full response to The Economist’s latest article on the real impact of energy access.

Indian solar lanterns, home systems market could grow to USD 327 million by 2023

A new GOGLA-commissioned report looks at the future of the distributed standalone solar market in India.


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Intersolar Europe

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Africa Energy Forum 2019

The Voice of the Off-Grid Solar Energy Industry

GOGLA is the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry. Established in 2012, GOGLA now represents over 135 members as a neutral, independent, not-for-profit industry association. Its mission is to help its members build sustainable markets, delivering quality, affordable products and services to as many households, businesses and communities as possible across the developing world. The products and solutions that GOGLA members sell transform lives. They improve health and education, create jobs and income opportunities and help consumers save money. 

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