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Investments in the off-grid solar sector grow by 44% to hit a record $450m in 2021

GOGLA Investments Database uses historic investment volumes to classify companies: seed/start-up ($0 - $100 million, equivalent to pre-series A to series C) and scale-up (Above $100 million, equivalent to series D and beyond). 

Consumer Protection Briefing Note: Personal Data Privacy

There is an increasing amount of evidence showing that consumers value data privacy. Off-grid solar companies that uphold high standards of data privacy are poised to benefit from increased consumer trust and long-lasting, more profitable relationships.

Latest 'Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report' shows record PAYGo sales

In the last six months of 2021, sales of PAYGo products reached a record high of over 1.5 million units. This was driven by the growth in sales of PAYGo solar lanterns, the most affordable line of products in the off-grid range. 


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Webinar to introduce the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Data Collection

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