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The products and solutions that GOGLA members sell, transform lives. They improve health and education, create jobs and income opportunities and help consumers save money. In this Policy Hub you will find more information about our advocacy work, as well as GOGLA’s Guidance for Governments, Country Briefs, and Community of Champions.

Our Advocacy Work

GOGLA actively facilitates exchanges on best practice policies and regulations to scale up the off-grid solar industry. We develop knowledge and produce resources to inform dialogue with governments and policymakers such as the Guidance for Governments and Country Briefs. Through advocacy materials and analysis, we promote national-level policy change to create enabling policy environments for the off-grid solar sector.

We work together closely with national renewable energy associations, governments and international donors to increase our impact. Examples include initiatives such as Community of ChampionsPowerUp! and the Africa Clean Energy (ACE) Program.


Policy Knowledge Hub

The Principles are expanded into a set of indicators that allow companies to measure, demonstrate and improve their practices. edit this section

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NREA Online Resource Portal

National Renewable Energy Associations (NREAs) are key actors in creating lasting, enabling policy environments for the off-grid solar sector and they play a vital role in developing national off-grid electrification markets. Without a strong voice representing the industry at the national level, governments and other regional stakeholders do not have a legitimate counterpart. Associations are crucial in representing the industry in the wider off-grid solar ecosystem.

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End User Subsidy Lab

GOGLA, ESMAP/Lighting GlobalEnDev and Africa Clean Energy (ACE), have created the End User Subsidy Lab: pooling knowledge, technical expertise, and funding. We welcome all stakeholders to contribute to the Lab with resources available to them, be it knowledge, expertise, or financial contributions.


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