Data Portal

Oliver Reynolds
Oliver Reynolds Senior Manager, Market Insights and Data

With the support of its partners, GOGLA leads data collection and market intelligence initiatives which provide robust insights into the off-grid solar market. Our data spans sales volumes, industry impact, investment flows and PAYGo company performance.

GOGLA’s data helps companies, investors, governments and development partners make informed decisions in their businesses, policies and programmes. It is the most reliable source of market information available for the off-grid sector. This portal includes data visualisation platforms for authorised stakeholders to explore the data in all its granularity.

Sales and Impact

Explore trends in sales across markets, business models and product categories and see the sector’s impact on energy access, climate, economic opportunities and more.

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Track investment flows into the off-grid solar sector. See how the capital raised, financing blend and geographical context have evolved over time.



Discover how PAYGo distributors are performing through key metrics on portfolio quality and financial performance.