Circularity & E-Waste

Rebecca Rhodes
Rebecca Rhodes Senior Strategy and Programmes Manager
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GOGLA supports circular business models and minimising e-waste through closed-loop systems. Off-grid solar is delivering huge social and environmental impacts and supporting economic development in low-income countries. To enhance their positive impact, many companies are now actively seeking ways to reduce the environmental footprint of their product and services through circular models.

This reflects the sector’s efforts to extend product lifespan, enhance repairability and refurbishment, and promote take-back, collection and recycling.

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Introduction to Circularity

Find out more about circularity within the off-grid solar sector and what action is being taken to enhance product lifespan and reduce e-waste through circular approaches.


E-Waste Toolkit

The e-waste toolkit consists of 6 modules that bring together knowledge and best-practice for reducing and managing e-waste in the off-grid solar industry.


Business Blueprints for E-waste Management

GOGLA has developed a suite of business blueprints to help companies establish effective e-waste management practices.


Circularity Working Group

Interested in learning more about extending product lifespan, repair and refurbishing, recycling, and end-of-life take-back? The e-waste working group has been expanded to encompass all elements of circularity. (Member login required).


Blogs & Resources

To support our work on circularity, we have collected a range of publicly available resources, guides and publications.


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