National Renewable Energy Associations (NREAs)

Patrick K. Tonui
Patrick K. Tonui Head of Policy and Regional Strategy

National Renewable Energy Associations (NREAs) represent the off-grid solar industry at country level, sharing insights from the private sector with governments and regional stakeholders that can be used to help design energy access policies and programmes.

GOGLA has worked to identify, convene and build the capacity of NREAs so that they can be even better partners for our sector.

This portal is intended to provide NREAs with the tools and resources to:

  • Develop into well managed associations.
  • Develop and provide valuable member services.
  • Engage with national governments and other stakeholders on topics and matters affecting the sector.
  • Stay informed on current and emerging matters affecting the industry.
  • Look back to the trainings and resources delivered as part of the PowerUp! programme as well as the ACE TAF.
  • Provide a directory of associations and their contact details.

Note: This is a live portal and will be updated regularly with relevant resources.

NREA Portal

GOGLA has developed resources to assist National Renewable Energy Associations to equip them establish effective management practices, offer beneficial services to their members, and engage with governmental bodies and stakeholders. Additionally, these associations can access training and resources through the PowerUp! and ACE TAF programs to stay updated on industry developments.

GOGSFE11-2-Supporting sustainable businesses

Directory of NREAs

Our comprehensive interactive listing showcases our partner NREAs across Africa.


PowerUp! Strengthening NREAs

GOGLA implemented the ‘PowerUp! Strengthening National Renewable Energy Associations’ (NREAs) project from December 2018 to March 2022. The project aimed to activate and strengthen NREAs to promote off-grid solar markets. The project consisted of three complementary components: 

  • Creating a learning and sharing network of NREAs,
  • Facilitating joint market enabling activities ,and 
  • Targeted capacity building support to individual associations.

Through the project, GOGLA established the PowerUp! Network, a group of 18 NREAs from across Africa focused on catalysing off-grid solar markets in countries with low levels of energy access. 

The Project was implemented through the Transforming Energy Access for Households and Improved Livelihoods Programme (TEA), funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

For more information, please contact Francis Wainaina (

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