Community of Champions

Patrick K. Tonui
Patrick K. Tonui Head of Policy and Regional Strategy

The Community of Champions was formed to facilitate high-level interaction between governments, the private sector and development partners, to enable collaborative work and knowledge exchange on achieving universal energy access.

The Community currently includes representatives from 21 African governments and three regional bodies. 

About the Community of Champions

The Community of Champions:

  • Facilitates peer-to-peer learning between governments on challenges, successes, and best practices related to scaling up electricity access and the productive use of energy through off grid solar solutions.
  • Creates a tripartite dialogue between governments, the off-grid solar industry and development partners.
  • Meets in-person and virtually to jointly explore effective mechanisms for enhancing electricty access and other development goals through off-grid technologies.


The Community of Champions is supported by GOGLA, World Bank/ESMAP, Shell Foundation, USAID/Power Africa, FCDO, AECF and SEforAll.

GOGLA acts as the Secretariat for the Community, organizing the partner meetings and activities under the Community. Our Community of Champion partners are key stakeholders in the development and implementation of energy access programs across each participating country.


The Community of Champions currently comprises 21 member countries and three regional organisations. The 21 member countries include: Burundi; Ethiopia; Kenya; Madagascar; Malawi; Niger; Nigeria; Rwanda; Senegal; Togo; Uganda; Zambia; DRC; Somalia; Mali; Ghana; Sierra Leone; Burkina Faso; Liberia; Mozambique; and Zimbabwe. The 3 regional organisations are: The East African Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Efficiency (EACREEE); ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) and SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SACREEE).

The Community of Champions currently focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa. However, guest speakers, observers and stakeholders from other regions may be invited to participate in relevant activities..

Membership in the Community is by invitation/nomination by the partners of the Community.  Nominated government officials usually play a direct role in the realisation of the regional and national energy access targets, with interest and/or commitment to off-grid solar electrification in their respective countries. Nominated government officials are usually from ministries responsible for energy, rural electrification authorities and other government agencies, including bureaus of standards, ministries responsible for finance or rural development.

Community of Champions: Meetings and Webinars

Since its launch in 2018, the Community of Champions platform has facilitated seven in-person meetings and 10 interactive online webinars.

Date Topic/Theme
August 2019 Quality assurance: Verasol/IEC standards, national standards, adoption and implementation, consumer awareness and education.
September 2019 Integrated electrification planning: how and why to incorporate off-grid into national electrification plans; lessons learnt to date and experiences by country
November 2019 Job creation and socio-economic benefits of off-grid solar.
June 2020 Ensuring Energy Access within national COVID-19 Response Plans
October 2020 Powering Healthcare – Health Facility Electrification
June 2021 Recovering Better with Off-Grid Solar – COVID-19 Response & State of the Sector
August 2021 Responsible taxation
November 2021 Solar Irrigation System End-User Subsidies
May 2022 Increasing affordability: role and use of public finance, subsidies, taxation, RBFs
October 2022 Engaging in Climate Action – Learnings for Energy Sector Practitioners

Webinar 1

Policies to Promote Quality Off-Grid Products | Politiques visant à promouvoir la qualité des produits hors réseau:


Webinar 2

Integrated Electrification Pathways | Les voies d’électrification intégrées pour un accès universel à l’électricité (IEP)


Webinar 3

Socioeconomic Benefits of Off-Grid Solar: Focus on Productive Uses | Avantages socio-économiques de l’énergie solaire hors-réseau. Gros plan sur les utilisations productives