Policy & Regulation Overview

A positive enabling environment is critical for the off-grid industry to fully realise its potential to unlock electricity access and boost productivity, connectivity and resilience.

In their national and regional work, GOGLA’s policy team:

  • Develops knowledge and resources to inform dialogue with national policy-makers, such as Guidance for Governments and Country Briefs 
  • Facilitates exchanges on best practice policies and regulations, via platforms like the Community of Champions
  • Promotes national policy change through in-country activities and work with national renewable energy associations. 

In their international work, GOGLA’s Policy Team:

  • Lead global advocacy efforts, including engagement with UN agencies and international development organisations, to ensure that the benefits of off-grid solar are recognised in global goals and initiatives
  • Represent the sector in international fora such as the UN High Level Energy Dialogues and leading climate events 
  • Use their expertise, and the insights gathered from our Members, to inform the development of new programmes and initiatives, for example through its work in the End User Subsidy Lab which focusses on the smart design of subsidy interventions. 

GOGLA’s Regional Representatives also support national level activities, including:

  • Monitoring national and regional policy environments
  • Promoting country level policy change to enhance access and development impacts
  • Developing industry positions in close alignment with national industry associations and other national and regional private sector representatives
  • Keeping regular contact with GOGLA members, programmatic partners and relevant ministries in individual markets to gather and share knowledge.

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