GOGLA Impact Metrics

GOGLA’s standardized metrics on energy access, income generation, CO2e reduction and more enable companies and investors to estimate the impact of their organization or investment.

Susie Wheeldon
Susie Wheeldon Head of Communications and Insights s.wheeldon@gogla.org
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A consistent approach to impact calculations allows companies, investors, policymakers, multi-lateral institutions, non-government organizations, and other sector stakeholders to estimate the impacts created by off-grid solar in a consistent, clear, and coherent manner. The metrics help build the evidence base for the many benefits that off-grid solar lighting and high-performing appliances unlock for people previously living in energy poverty.

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Impact Metrics for Off-Grid Solar Lighting Products

The first standardised impact metrics for lighting products were launched in 2015. The latest version (4.0) enables users to estimate the impact of different categories of off-grid technology (from solar lanterns to large solar home systems) across four different regions.

The GOGLA standardised metrics also form part of the official IRIS catalogue, an initiative of the Global Impact Investing Network.

Impact Metrics for Off-Grid Solar Appliances

In 2020, The Efficiency for Access Coalition and the GOGLA Impact Working Group joined forces to propose the standardised approach presented in this publication. The focus of the first metric development effort, outlined in this document, are fans and TV appliances.

GOGLA would like to thank the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) for its support for the development and revision of the standardised impact metrics.