Join our Compact to Power One Billion Lives by 2030

760 million people still live without access to electricity today – more than the entire population of Europe. Most are using polluting or dangerous products, such as kerosene and candles, to light their homes. Over a billion more don’t have reliable energy access.

But what is energy access? ESMAP has developed a Multi-Tiered Framework to measure it and defines it as “the ability to avail energy that is adequate, available when needed, reliable, of good quality, convenient, affordable, legal, healthy and safe for all required energy services”.

As a first step, it is critical that we achieve at least basic, Tier 1, access to electricity.

Within the frame of the United Nations’ High-Level Dialogue on Energy, GOGLA has launched an Energy Compact and Roadmap to “Power 1 Billion Lives by 2030”. The off-grid solar sector has already improved the lives of over 400 million people and is enabling communities locked in energy poverty to start climbing the energy access ladder. Scaling off-grid solutions – such as solar kits, home systems, and efficient appliances – provides the fastest and most affordable way to reach the SDG7 goal of universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy by 2030.

Increasing electricity access is transformational. It is fundamental to reaching at least 10 more SDGs focused on social justice, development, economic growth, health, and human rights.

Energy access and climate change are also deeply linked. By replacing kerosene lamps and diesel generators, off-grid solar can prevent hundreds of millions of tonnes of polluting emissions and help many of those most vulnerable to extreme weather events better adapt to a changing climate:  building resilience through diversified livelihoods, improving welfare and infrastructure and enhancing climate-smart agriculture. With the right support, it is possible to reach a billion people with off-grid solar by 2030: placing those currently living in energy poverty at the forefront of a fairer, more equitable, energy transition.

For all of these reasons, we invite you or your organisation to show your support for the “Power 1 Billion Lives” Compact by endorsing it.

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