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The products and solutions that GOGLA members sell transform lives. They improve health and education, create jobs and income opportunities and help consumers save money.

Consumer Protection Code

GOGLA leads the implementation of the Consumer Protection Code across the off-grid solar sector, with the aim of safeguarding positive industry impact and respecting the rights of consumers. We believe that widespread industry action on consumer protection is required to mitigate sector risks and accelerate market growth. The Consumer Protection Code now also includes a comprehensive assessment framework to help companies and investors do more to measure, monitor and improve standards of consumer protection.


The Connect Initiative

The Connect initiative is defining a family of universal connectors and device-to-device firmware standards for enhanced interoperability of 12V SHS Kit and Appliance. The Connect Initiative aims to create an off-grid solar ecosystem in which SHS Kits, and appliances are interoperable i.e., that ensures that one manufacturer’s product can work with another’s.


Circularity and E-waste

Off-grid solar is delivering huge social and environmental impacts – improving quality of life, mitigating against greenhouse gas emissions and indoor pollution from traditional energy sources, and supporting economic development in low-income countries. Circularity aims to reduce resource usage and minimise e-waste through a closed-loop system. In this hub you will find resources aimed at addressing the main challenges in setting up sustainable product systems, from design through to e-waste management.


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