Helping our members go further, faster

GOGLA helps the off-grid industry build sustainable markets to deliver high-quality products and services to customers with no, or insufficient, access to electricity. These include solar lighting, power, irrigation, cooling and communications technologies. Our Members already power millions of homes, businesses, and public services.

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Our Mission

Support our Members to operate buoyant, sustainable, scalable, and impactful off-grid solar businesses.

Our Objective

Strengthen the market for our Members by fostering positive business environments, enabling them to operate long lasting, responsible, and profitable businesses at scale.

Our Vision

Over 1 billion lives improved with affordable, high quality, small-scale energy products and services by 2030

GOGLA is a critical convener in the off-grid space and provides a voice for the industry in conversations with policymakers, development partners and investors.

Dana Rysankova Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank

GOGLA is really important for building the sector. As an industry we’re still establishing ourselves and figuring out how to talk about ourselves, GOGLA is central to coordinating the way we do that.

Audrey Desiderato COO & Co-Founder SunFunder

GOGLA values


GOGLA is ambitious and impact-driven. We want to make a difference, which takes focus, boldness and a critical spirit. We are driven by our mission to bring our member’s quality, affordable off-grid electricity products and services to the developing world.


We pride ourselves on being proactive, adaptive and responsive. As the sector grows and evolves, we test our own assumptions and challenge ourselves: ‘does our work have impact, how can we do better?’.


Transparency is at the centre of the shift to a sustainable world. We clearly state what we do and measure and report our impact as objectively as we can. We are clear with our expectations of others and what they can expect from us.


We know collaborative working and cooperation is crucial to success. As such, we begin by trusting others. We communicate openly within our team and with our members and partners. We value alternative views and constructive feedback.

Fair and equal

Our work is guided by a strong sense of fairness and equality. We work with integrity, cherish diversity, and provide a safe, compassionate and supportive environment for our staff.


GOGLA conducts its work with passion and purpose. Our impact depends on people’s energy and enthusiasm, so working with the GOGLA team should be enjoyable. We build time for social activities and believe in celebrating success.