Global Off-Grid Solar Market Data July-December 2023

Oliver Reynolds
Oliver Reynolds Senior Manager, Market Insights and Data

Every six months, GOGLA, The World Bank Group’s Lighting Global and Efficiency for Access partner to publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, a market insights series on sales and impact of off-grid solar energy kits and appliances sold by GOGLA affiliates. The report is developed with support from the IKEA Foundation.

GOGLA’s sales and impact data is the bedrock of information on the off-grid solar and energy efficient appliances sector. It is used to track the stand-alone off-grid solar industry’s contribution to energy access by the Sustainable Development Goal 7 custodians and feeds into key research and reports on energy access.

July-December 2023 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report


The off-grid solar industry has shown tremendous resilience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a significant dip in sales in 2020, sales grew to a record 9.53 million units sold in 2022.

Following this peak, sales in 2023 decreased by 6% to 8.96 million units. This decrease is linked to a structurally declining market in South Asia as well as to lower sales or slower growth in core markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Aggregated sales of key off-grid appropriate appliances (TVs, fans, refrigeration units, and solar water pumps) reached 1.79 million units in 2023, up from 1.53 million units sold in 2022. 70% of units reported are fans, 28% are TVs, 2% are solar water pumps and less than 1% are fridges.

Higher sales of appliances in 2023 are mostly linked to higher sales of TVs in West Africa and fans in both West Africa and South Asia.

Explore the report for additional insights into trends at global, regional and country levels and to discover the latest data from July-December 2023.

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report | Semi-Annual Sales and Impact Data

July-December 2023, Public Report

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