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What we learned about off-grid solar financing at Unlocking Solar Capital Africa


7 answers to your questions on profitability in the off-grid solar sector

A woman and a man standing in shop lightened by a solar light

Path to Profitability, an investors' perspective: 5 key takeaways

Wanji Ng'ang'a and Juliana Martínez

Four ways tackling climate change is already boosting prosperity: Lessons from off-grid solar

Koen Peters, Executive Director

Off-grid solar is a ‘Power Tool for Change’, here’s how to make it mainstream

Patrick Tonui, East Africa Regional Representative

Off-grid solar: A power tool for change


4 things the off-grid solar industry has taught me

Johanna Galan

GOGLA E-waste Festival sets the agenda: 5 key takeaways

Drew Corbyn and Juliana Martinez

How lithium batteries can help advance a solar-powered world

Garick Lee, Drew Corbyn and Aletta D'cruz

“Implementing the Code sends positive signals to SunFunder and other investors"


"Proud that the off-grid solar industry saw fit to create the Consumer Protection Code"


Welcome to the new GOGLA board

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

Off-grid solar is moving into the performance zone

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

The Top 5 Investment Trends in the Off-Grid Solar Energy Sector

Johanna Galan, Juliana Martinez and Dieter Poortman

The role of solar lights and solar home systems in modern day disaster relief

Aletta D'cruz, Digital Content and Communications Associate

Off-grid solar e-waste: the industry is growing responsible in waste management


Last mile entrepreneurs: Women are driving the off-grid solar industry

Aletta D'cruz, Project Manager, Digital Content and Communication

How solar water pumps are pushing sustainable irrigation


In focus: South Asia and the use of PAYGo

Viraj Gada, India Regional Representative

A brighter year for the sector; looking back at 2018

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

‘A big moment for the sector’ as Simpa Networks announces huge deal with utilities giant ENGIE

Anna Wells, GOGLA

GOGLA in India: Partnerships and Data for a Bright Future of the World’s Largest Off-Grid Solar Market

Viraj Gada, India Regional Representative

The Time to Commit to Consumer Protection Principles is Now

Johanna Galan, Policy Director

Why tax exemptions for off-grid solar are direct investments in energy access

Patrick Tonui, GOGLA East Africa Regional Representative