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GOGLA Consumer Protection Code

GOGLA Consumer Protection Code of ConductGOGLA is leading the initiative to develop a Consumer Protection Code for the off-grid solar sector with the aim of safeguarding impacts and respecting rights of consumers. We believe that widespread industry action on consumer protection is required to mitigate sector risks and accelerate market growth. In this Hub you will find more about the code, including how to make a Commitment or Endorsement, and tools and resources for companies to measure and monitor their own performance. Learn how your company can commit to the CP Code.


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Consumer Protection Code

An introduction to the code and how GOGLA wants to promote good practice. How to Commit or Endorse. Read more

an overview of the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code principles


The Consumer Protection Principles are the minimum standards of practice consumers should expect from an off-grid solar provider. Get an overview.

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The Principles are expanded into a set of indicators that allow companies to measure, demonstrate and improve their practices. See the indicators.

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Commitments & Endorsements

The list of companies, investors and other stakeholders that have already backed this initiative. Find out more.

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CP Working Group

Companies and investors convene around the consumer protection initiative, including maintaining the standards and implementation of the code. Learn more.

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Blogs & Resources

Learn more about best practices and latest developments in the sector, including insights on the impact of Covid-19 on consumers.

The GOGLA Consumer Protection Code is an initiative led by the off-grid solar energy industry in partnership with investors who demonstrate a strong commitment to the sector. CDC (through CDC Plus, funded by UKAID), FMO and DOEN Foundation have taken the lead, financially supporting GOGLA to manage the initiative.

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