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About GOGLA Bridge

About GOGLA Bridge

The GOGLA Bridge is a database for GOGLA members and the broader stand-alone solar product sector providing an overview of support services for incubating and accelerating the growth of off-grid solar companies.
Users can easily access information about grants, awards and competitions as well as details on relevant financing institutions and crowdfunding opportunities.
GOGLA does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the content.
The database was realized with support from the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP).

New Programs

Innovate UK, Funding Competition in response to COVID-19

Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, will invest up to £20 million in innovation projects.

The aim of this competition is to support UK businesses to focus on emerging or increasing needs of society and industries during and following the Covid-19 pandemic. By fast-tracking...

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Finance Catalyst - GET.Invest

The GET.invest Finance Catalyst links renewable energy projects and companies with finance opportunities and vice versa, targeting small- and medium-scale renewable energy (RE) opportunities, currently in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. Read more about the opportunity...

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$14.5 billion in capital relief is newly available for entrepreneurs

Over $14.5 billion in capital relief is newly available for entrepreneurs in the age of COVID19. CASEatDuke launched COVID19CapitalRelief, a searchable database for global, national and regional capital sources for forprofit and nonprofit entrepreneurs at risk due to #COVID19. It already...

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EY Three months of free Finance Navigator access

 EY Finance Navigator is EY online financial modeling software specifically designed for startups and is trusted by entrepreneurs in more than 50 countries. With the software, you can calculate the financial impact of different scenarios in these unprecedented times by modeling your cash flow,...

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