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About GOGLA Bridge

About GOGLA Bridge

The GOGLA Bridge is a database for GOGLA members and the broader stand-alone solar product sector providing an overview of support services for incubating and accelerating the growth of off-grid solar companies.
Users can easily access information about grants, awards and competitions as well as details on relevant financing institutions and crowdfunding opportunities.
GOGLA does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the content.
The database was realized with support from the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP).

New Programs

Energy Catalyst funding programme

Innovate UK has up to £10 million to invest in innovative, market-focused energy technologies through the Energy Catalyst funding programme. Round 6 of the Energy Catalyst will support energy innovations across all technologies, sectors and international markets to help address the global need...

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REACT - Efficient Electrification Project

REACT EEP is a partnership between the Ministry of Energy and the AECF, funded by Swedish Embassy in Burkina Faso. This partnership is as a result of a request made by the Ministry of energy to Swedish Embassy in Burkina Faso to support installation of Solar PV systems to households and SMEs in...

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REACT SSA Ethiopia Program

The AECF's engagement in the energy sector under REACT SSA is designed to catalyze the private sector to increase supply of cleaner fuels, raise awareness of the dangers from indoor air pollution, demonstrate how new knowledge in renewable energy technologies can be put into practice in ways...

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