Access to Energy Institute (A2EI)

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The access to energy sector has overcome many challenges and the electrification of millions of customers has paved the way for achieving access to reliable and affordable electricity for nearly all households by 2030. So the next challenge is: When will all small businesses and smallholder farmers have access to all the energy needed to run a productive business? We believe the A2EI can be the collaborative platform where engineers, together with potential customers devise and develop the necessary portfolio of „income-generating machines“ run on solar energy. Despite the pressing need, productive use appliances running on direct current, i.e. powered directly by solar energy have failed to be commercialized. This is partly due to a lack of engineering and innovation resources, a gap that the A2EI is hoping to fill, not only with own staff, but as a host putting engineering, customer knowledge and financial resources at the disposition of the off-grid sector.