Alina Eneji

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Alina Eneji is a company that empowers communities to brighten their nights and illuminate their future. Alina Eneji does this by providing a reliable, clean, and affordable energy source to those communities. Alina’s slogan is We Shine Brighter Together because it believes that, with the help of the community and other stakeholders, it can reach that child who wants to read one more page before both she and the sun go to bed.



Driko Ducasse


Alina Eneji is the leading solar electricity mesh-grid developer active in Haiti. Alina Eneji provides electricity to poorer domestic customers with limited needs and to SME’s that help the local economy develop and bring jobs to rural areas. Alina Eneji’s aim is to provide electricity and create jobs by offering financing solutions for the productive use equipment that will develop the local economy


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